HP Digital Entertainment Center RPMs

Update: I am no longer using the stock software that came with the DEC. I have re-installed all of my DEC machines with newer releases of Mandrake, and am running MythTV on them. I'll keep this page up for reference for those of you still using the stock software, but as I can no longer test with the DEC software, my ability to help you troubleshoot problems or build new RPMs is quite limited.

I'm building RPMs of supplemental software to be installed on unlocked versions of HP Digital Entertainment Center devices (de100c, de200c). If you don't know what any of that means, then you probably oughtn't be here. If you find a problem with this software or have a suggestion for an improvement (or a package request you would like to see built), drop me an e-mail: hpdec at skunkeye.com (replace the 'at' with '@', of course).

It should be noted that prior to this project, my RPM knowledge was fairly limited. So, I'm learning as I go. The RPMs on this site have all been tested to install and run on my DEC, and I'm pretty sure they work well. But the spec files are all ugly hacks. If you know anything about building RPMs and happen to look at the spec files, try not to make too much fun of them.

The source RPM files for all of these packages can be found here: SRPMS.

Apache 1.3.27:

  • apache-1.3.27-1dec.i686.rpm (472 K)
  • apache-devel-1.3.27-1dec.i686.rpm (100 K)
  • apache-manual-1.3.27-1dec.i686.rpm (856 K)

    Note: The apache RPM will give you the following error on install:
    Can't load dictionary file /usr/lib/linuxconf/help.eng/linuxconf-msg-1.18.eng (No such file or directory)
    execution of script failed
    Segmentation fault
    This, despite looking horrible, is not fatal (well, it *is* technically fatal, but it's the last thing the install does, so the RPM is stilled installed correctly). The error occurs because the DEC is missing a number of files from the linuxconf RPM. I'm not even sure if the DEC is using linuxconf for anything; it may be possible to just remove it or overwrite it with a complete linuxconf RPM that isn't missing the help files. At any rate, the apache RPM will install just fine, and you can ignore the error.

    This apache RPM installs everything in /usr/local/apache, using the standard apache build conventions. That seemed cleaner to me than using a Red Hat or Mandrake layout and scattering files everywhere on the system.


    Apache::MP3 is a perl module that provides a streaming MP3 interface to the Apache web server. The following RPMs allow you to stream audio off the DEC to other computers on your network, using just a web browser.

  • mod_perl-1.27-1dec.i686.rpm (844 K)
  • perl-Apache-MP3-3.03-1dec.noarch.rpm (160 K)
  • perl-Audio-Wav-0.02-1dec.noarch.rpm (28 K)
  • perl-I18N-LangTags-0.27-1dec.noarch.rpm (44 K)
  • perl-Locale-Maketext-1.03-1dec.noarch.rpm (80 K)
  • perl-MP3-Info-1.01-1dec.noarch.rpm (32 K)
  • perl-5.600-4mdk.i586.rpm (6432 K)

  • perl-Apache-MP3-Skin-0.91-1dec.noarch.rpm (28 K) (this is optional, if you want to use alternate interface skins, read /usr/doc/perl-Apache-MP3-Skin-0.91/README for directions on how to set this up once you've installed it) [requires perl-HTML-Template-2.6-1dec.noarch.rpm]

    Once you've installed these, add the following lines to your /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf file:
    AddType audio/mpeg mp3 MP3
    AddType audio/playlist m3u M3U

    <Location /mp3>
    SetHandler perl-script
    PerlHandler Apache::MP3
    Then point your web browser at "http://your-dec-ip-address/mp3", and stream like a mofo.

    Note: The DEC puts 0500 permissions on MP3s it creates in the /content/music/ripped directory. If you want to stream these, you'll have to give world-read permissions with the command:
    chmod -R a+r /content/music/ripped
    This will allow apache to read the files and stream them.

    If you want to use the "resample" feature of Apache::MP3 to downsample the MP3s to a lower bitrate for streaming, you'll need to install the LAME MP3 encoder:

    LAME 3.92

  • lame-3.92-1dec.i686.rpm (464 K)
  • lame-devel-3.92-1dec.i686.rpm (172 K) (optional; not needed for Apache::MP3::Resample)

    Then add these lines to the /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf file (instead of the lines listed above):
    AddType audio/mpeg mp3 MP3
    AddType audio/playlist m3u M3U

    <Location /mp3>
    SetHandler perl-script
    PerlHandler Apache::MP3::Resample
    PerlSetVar MP3Encoder 'lame --mp3input %b - < %f'
    PerlSetVar ResamplePresets '28 => -b28, 56 => -b56, 96 => -b96, 128 => -b128'
    PerlSetEnv PATH /bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin
    Of course, you can tweak the ResamplePresets array for whatever you like, this is just an example. More detailed documentation can be found here.

    MySQL 3.23.53a:

  • MySQL-3.23.53a-1dec.i686.rpm (6244 K)
  • MySQL-client-3.23.53a-1dec.i686.rpm (1700 K)
  • MySQL-shared-3.23.53a-1dec.i686.rpm (220 K)
  • MySQL-devel-3.23.53a-1dec.i686.rpm (624 K)
  • MySQL-Max-3.23.53a-1dec.i686.rpm (1460 K)

    This is basically just the standard MySQL distribution. The data directory, though, has been relocated from /var to /content, since the DEC has tons of space on /content, so large databases won't be a problem. Most other files are installed in /usr/local.

    Mandrake 7.1 RPMs:

    These are either straight from the Mandrake 7.1 distribution, or straight, unmodified Mandrake update RPMs rebuilt on my Mandrake 7.1 build system. All should work fine on the DEC.

  • Full linuxconf RPM to solve the above-mentioned Apache install error: linuxconf-1.18-2mdk.i586.rpm (this is not required for Apache, it just prevents the error message on install)
  • Perl 5.600 (this package contains most of the standard Perl modules): perl-5.600-4mdk.i586.rpm
  • Upgrade to zlib (required for PHP): zlib1-1.1.4-3mdk.i686.rpm, zlib1-devel-1.1.4-3mdk.i686.rpm

    NFS Kernel:

  • nfs-kernel-2.4.7-17esmo.i686.rpm (928 K)

    This is a an experimental package ("experimental" because it's my first kernel for the DEC, and bad kernels can send you reaching for the failsafe restore pretty quickly) - it is a kernel with NFS enabled, allowing you to use the DEC as both an NFS server and an NFS client. I haven't tested this extensively yet, so use at your own risk. I will say that it appears to be working fine for me, and that the RPM should cleanly uninstall itself if you wish to remove it. You will also need to reboot after installing this RPM, as well as start the NFS services ("service portmap start" and "service nfs start" should do nicely). I didn't put the links in /etc/rc.d/rcb5.d to start these services automatically, because some folks may not wish to do so.

  • nfs-kernel-apmfix-2.4.7-17emso.i686.rpm (928 K)

    This is the same as the above kernel, but has the APM interrupts "fix" to help with corruption problems some people see on their DECs.

    SliMP3 server:

  • SliMP3-4.2.6-1dec.noarch.rpm (1188 K)

    This is a package that will allow you to run the SliMP3 server on your DEC, if you have a SliMP3 player. I don't have one, so don't ask me any questions about it, but I have been told that this RPM works just fine.

    I hope it goes without saying that these packages are provided as a service, without implied warranties, etc... If you hose up your DEC, lose your music collection, set your car on fire, or make your dog sick from the use of these packages, that's real sad, but I'm not responsible. The mere act of unlocking your DEC and logging in as root implies that you are willing to accept the chance you might screw something up big-time. That's one of the reasons they're "locked" in the first place.

    If you find a problem of any kind with one of these packages, please let me know so I can fix it.

    hpdec at skunkeye.com